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Date: 01-11-2006

                                             Establishing yourself as an entrepreneur with your own business

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Successful people will admit to you that they were scared or hesitant in the
beginning of their own businesses are calculated about their decisions so that they make
the right one the first time out.

And while entrepreneurs are curious and always on the lookout for the next
‘big thing,’ they’re also looking at others to see what has worked for them.
They read the stories of others that have been successful in their field, as
well as other fields. They read about their triumphs and scrutinize their
mistakes. They take notes on what doesn’t seem to work very well and draw
up plans to make it better.

Of course, in order to make other people’s ways work for them, they find
what makes everything easier and more efficient. They’re going to be a one
person show and they need to know everything that there is to know about
their field.

They’ll go to trade shows, read books, talk with others, anything at all in
order to know everything.

This doesn’t sound so far-fetched anymore.

They are radical, but only in the fact that they know that something can be
done and constantly try to find the best way to do it.

For many entrepreneurs, money is not the object of their life change.
They’re looking for opportunity, not the safety of security.

Money is only secondary to the idea of freedom. They want to set their own
hours, be their own boss, and stay at home with their families.

The current entrepreneurs want to cut themselves out of the rat race and out
of the business world that doesn’t seem to appreciate their inherent need for
change and improvement.

It’s this drive and this willingness to achieve more that creates the
opportunities that they need. By interacting with others, they open up doors
that would never have been seen without a little networking and willingness
to find out more and more.

Be a mover and a doer, not a dreamer and a what if-er.


What’s causing you to think like a entrepreneur? Is it the long hours? The
small paychecks? The lack of self-respect? The commute that takes hours
each day?

What is spurning you to action? What is inspiring you to want to change
your current situation?

There needs to be some sort of dissatisfaction that is driving you to want to
change. You need to want to do better for yourself and for your current work
situation. If you don’t have any motivation, then what’s the point?

But you may also want to think of the other reasons that you may be
inspired to create a change. If your only reason is because you aren’t
satisfied with your current job situation, then you may not be heading in the
right direction.

You want to try to remedy your current situation in order to see if the
problems that you’re having are something that can be worked out.
When you run your own business, you will encounter some of the same
problems that you’re facing right now. And you will be the only one that you
can rely on to solve the problems.

So why not learn now how to deal with your job? You may be surprised at
the solving skills that you come up with and how much better things can be
for you.

Being in business for yourself means that you will need to personally deal
with customers. If you are finding that your problems at your current
workplace are due to interpersonal relationship fallouts or disputes with
management, try any and all other routes possible to mediate and work
through differences. The experience will show in your future dealings.
It will be obvious if you can’t deal with problems that arise. You will need to
show that you are absolutely confident in anything that comes up for your
interactions together.

See? You can look at this as another opportunity to learn and grow into your
new work from home self.

If you’re confident that the changes you want to make are out of a desire to
fulfill your dreams and reach personal goals, then you’re ready to be an
entrepreneur and you’re ready to strike it out on your own.

Be truthful with yourself. This is a hard journey that you will embark upon
and you need to be ready to give it everything you have and then some.
The road to success can be marked by obstacles, but if you truly feel and
believe that you can succeed, nothing is impossible.


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