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Date: 01-11-2006

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Admit it, youíve thought about staying in your pajamas and getting paid for
it. Who hasnít? And while the getting paid for staying at home part is
correct, thereís a bit more work to be done from there.

But letís face it, if youíre staying at home to work, this means that you have
a fantastic idea that you want to see come to life. Maybe you have a talent
or a product that you feel the world canít stand to be without.

Youíre passionate, excited and driven to make your business work for you
and for your family. And youíre going to need that energy and that
excitement to fuel yourself during the more difficult times.

By staying at home, you get the flexibility of an absent time clock and your
office set up just the way that you like it. Or maybe you just donít want a
boss breathing down your neck.

Companies will only pay you the least amount they can to keep you in the
job. Unless you are earning commission, which means you have a direct
share in the success of the company, then you should definitely be working
for yourself.

So what is your reason? And you better have a good one because starting
and maintaining your own home business isnít all that simple.
But itís highly rewarding.

Think about your reason. Is it to make more money? Is it to supplement or
take over for the regular 9 to 5 job? Do you just want to see if you can be
your own boss, to see if you COULD do it if you were really ready to take the

A lot of times, itís the beginning thatís the trickiest part. Maybe you donít
know where to start or itís going to be a huge leap of faith for your family to
start this venture.

Youíre going to need the right tools and right off the bat.
Thatís where this book comes in handy. Within this ebook, youíre going to
be Ďlet into the secretí of running your own home business. No stone will be
left uncovered and no topic or question left unexplained.

This is your playbook to a successful career doing whatever it is that you
love. Sit back for a moment and think about it.

Being successful and happy doing what you LOVE to do.

And everything you need is right within your grasp.

But what are we waiting for? Letís get started.


Working at home isnít about the money though. It may seem like it, but
overall, itís about finding a job that makes you happy and excited to get up
in the morning.

Sure, you could find that outside your house, but maybe you havenít. Or
maybe you just have bigger plans.

So whatís been stopping you? What is holding you back?

One of the biggest myths about money is that it causes more harm than
good. And while there are hundreds of examples to prove this and hundreds
more Ďexpertsí that will tell you so, you have to admit that being poor isnít all
that good for anyone.

Yes, there are people that are happier with less, and yes there are those with
more that arenít happy at all. There are exceptions to every rule.

But what has been proven is that poverty causes depression, anxiety, stress,
and a loss of self-respect. Havenít we all felt like this at some point when a
bill was overdue or a paycheck just couldnít come fast enough?

And while money itself can not bring happiness, it can bring a sense of
security, stability, and freedom.

Money is a tool to have the life that you want to liveófor both you and your
family. Money allows you to do things, see things, and make memories.
Unfortunately, not everyone is inherently wealthy or has a generous relative
that is, so you need to figure out another way to bring that sense of peace to
your life.

So if moneyís not the root of evil, then why else donít we think we have it or
should have it? Many people are stuck in the pattern of thinking that the
present society and economy just donít have another penny to squeeze out
of it.

We donít have the opportunities that our parents had or our one successful
friend has. Is this true?

We believe that life was simpler or easier somehow for everyone else and
that thereís just no way that we can succeed.


Any time is a time for opportunity and wealth. You donít have to wait for the
right moment or long for someone elseís moment Ėitís time for you to seize
what you have right now.

Money isnít evil and you CAN make more than you ever thought possible by
working from home.


Since youíre sitting there, reading this book, you probably have a good idea
of what you want to do to make you happier and wealthier.
So what are you waiting for?

If youíre waiting for the Ďperfectí time or the Ďperfectí place to begin your
business venture, then you may be waiting for a long time. Every day you
are surrounded by opportunities to make yourself successful, but you have to
realize and open your eyes to the possibility.

Do you really want to look back and think, man, I wish that I would have
done something then?

Of course not.

The past was the present moment for someone else, so itís time to create
your history by starting your dream now. We donít know how long we have
to try everything that weíve dreamed of trying, so start something now.

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