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Date: 04-11-2006


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Work at Home Business

Work from Home: The Ultimate Job

Try the Complete Work At Home Package today and find the best work from home job or business that can change your lifestyle.

In this world of fast paced drama and shorter days (at least they seem to be), it seems like a better plan to work for yourself than to spend this time for someone else. Enter the work from home jobs.

Imagine getting up in the morning and not having to shower and shave (well, you should probably do that anyways) or put on that power suit to head into a cold, sterile office. Your work from home business doesn't require you to warm up the car until you can scrape the windows, nor does it require you to shovel a path to the driveway.

Work from home moms can take their time packing lunches and braiding hair before the school bus comes. Or they can pour themselves some coffee and pack everyone into the car for a leisurely drive to the school. And while they won't be lounging around all day, there's something easier about not having a time to be somewhere.

Think about it. When are you the best? When are you the most alert the most efficient? Everyone's answer will be different, but one thing seems to ring true in all the answers—not necessarily when my job wanted me to be. The human body isn't designed to turn on and off like a light switch. Our energy moves in waves with the sunlight and the seasons. In our history, men and women used to slow down during the cooler months to preserve energy for the summer when work needed to be done.

Of course, a work from home business doesn't mean you'll be living in a cave again, but there is something to say for having the chance to listen to what your body really needs in order to work at its best. Some of us function better before dawn, others like it later in the day. Every work from home business opportunity is a chance to bring out the best in our natural abilities.

While it might take some time to wrangle yourself out of the nine to five routine, it is certainly possible in a work from home business opportunity. In the beginning, most folks will adhere to the classic hours and then they'll realize that the afternoons (perhaps) are better suited for a nap, rather than diligent working time. Maybe when the kids are finally asleep, the attention span increases and the marketing scheming can begin in earnest.

Your work from home work based business opportunity is not just a chance for you to make money, it's a chance for you to see the employee that you've always been. Even if you were always stellar, you knew that having an outside boss was hindering you. Perhaps you didn't see things the same way, or you thought that things could be different. In any case, a work from home opportunity can shed light on this possibility and reap the benefits.

Many people who work from home report feeling more satisfied with their work. While the hours may be longer and the days more intense, there's a certain satisfaction that comes out of knowing that you did everything that you could do to earn your wage. Each new customer or sale creates a tangible sense of pride – one that you may never have felt at your old job.

Even when you're alone on your computer, work from home jobs are never dull. You are always actively trying to innovate and create opportunities and success for yourself.

For yourself and yourself alone.

You aren't working to create harmony for the business' board members, nor are you trying to keep your co-workers happy. You're setting up specific goals with specific intentions. You have created a business plan (see “How to Run a Successful Work at Home Business” for more details) and thought about the values that you want to uphold.

You're creating your success by the mere fact that you give a darn about what you are doing. This is what you believe in, not what you are paid to believe in. What a difference. You are making money because someone agrees with your vision and wants to support it.

The problem with regular jobs is that many people fall into them out of habit or responsibility. How many of us have had basically the same job over our life times? Even if the setting and the titles have changed, most of us have gotten stuck in a sort of rut. We aren't working to create change and excitement, we're working because we know what we need to do and we do it without question.

And then when you throw in a plan to work from home, you start a different set of beliefs and realities. No longer is the way clouded by superficial mission statements or team cheers, you're working to create a life that is congruent with your inner self. Your work and your self don't need to be separate, carefully guarded entities anymore. They can live and breathe together, support each other, and nurture each other.

Is this babbling nonsense? It is if you're still stuck in thinking that everything you do has to be for the good of someone else. A work from home business creates an opportunity for you to truly serve a customer and their needs.

You hear that it's all about the customer all the time, but when is this ‘rule' actually carried out? Businesses are only satisfying customers enough so that they don't stop buying products and spending money. This isn't serving the customer—it's self-serving. And you knew it all along when you were in that cubicle or that pale colors office.

But you're here now, thinking about finding the way to work from home. Well, you're certainly on the right track. This is your pep talk, but you need to take the first steps on to the field. You are the coach and the team now in the huddle, but once you've learned the playbook, you'll score every time.

Go get ‘em!

Buy the Complete Work At Home Package today and find the best work from home job or business that can change your lifestyle.

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